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Travel Guide, find details for activities in Cancún, Riviera Maya and its surroundings

Discover those must-see places in the Yucatán Peninsula. With this Travel Guide you can find from ancient Maya vestiges, to the most vibrant nightlife of the best-known cities of Quintana Roo, explore Magic Towns and delight in the natural features of these incomparable destinations.

Rent a Yacht, your own boat for a day

Feel the marine breeze on board a yacht while navigating through the turquoise waters. The yacht rental is recommended within a selection of the Admiral Yacht Club fleet, where to select luxury yachts from 45 to 62 feet. No matter what you pick, it will be the perfect means to take a romantic trip, go fishing, snorkel with friends and family or simply relax and take in all the nature around you.

For rentals, please verify the information on tariffs and prices with the staff at the marina.

Chichen Itzá, sacred city of the Maya civilization

Mystical archeological site designated by UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage site, for being evidence of an old dazzling city that was once the center of the Maya Empire of Central America. Today it is known as one of the New7Wonders of the World, being the only one in North America. Recognized for its main structure: The Temple of Kukulkán, or also known as “The Castle”.
Reserve your tour with your sales agent at your hotel. This type of tours may include: transportation, lunch, swim in a cenote and the entrance to the archeological site.

Puerto Morelos, an enchanting town

Small fishermen town located 20 minutes from Cancún. In Puerto Morelos, you will find fresh seafood and peaceful beaches, perfect for swimming and enjoying the Caribbean weather. The reef is close to the coast, reason why it is a preferred destination for diving and snorkeling.

Playa del Carmen, an eclectic city by the sea

This popular destination in the Riviera Maya is approximately 45 minutes south from Cancún, offers a variety of restaurants, bars, malls, galleries, boutiques and a vibrant nightlife. Stroll down the Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida), a pedestrian walkway where to find from coffee to an exclusive boutique. Playa del Carmen has options for all.

Cozumel, Mexican island with Caribbean flavor

This island receives the first rays of the sun in all México. It is a somewhat big island that joins the touristic style, due to cruise ship arrivals, together with ancient traditions; all with wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea in all its splendor. For a complete experience, it is recommended to do snorkeling or diving and observe the marine life from the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. To get to the island it is necessary to take a ferry from Playa del Carmen.

Isla Mujeres, peace and relaxation in and out of the sea

On a 20-minute ferry ride from Cancún is Isla Mujeres, a Magic Town of Quintana Roo. It is a small and cozy island perfecto to travel from point to point on golf carts. At north white sandy beaches with tranquil waters, at south art and culture and an incredible panoramic view of Cancun and the Caribbean Sea.

Tulum, small town with big history

This destination south of Cancun, approximately two hours by road, encloses ancient histories of Maya culture, since there is the only archaeological zone at the edge of the sea, also known as "Walled City". In the city, there are restaurants of international and Mexican cuisine, shops and a relaxed atmosphere.

Coco Bongo, something more than just a nightclub

Only nightclub in Cancun that presents every night Las Vegas-style live shows, High-tech screens, live music, dancers, actors, acrobats and lots of fun. This place stands out for its entertainment quality and international media recognizes this fact.

La Vaquita, party and fun ambiance

The name, which translates as “Little cow”, might sound a bit strange, but it’s more of a way of showing their fun nature. This bar located in Cancún’s Hotel Zone is prepared every night to give the public music, drinks by the liter and entertainment. The DJs alternate different music genres to ensure a full dancefloor. Warning: there might be a cow wanting to dance, play and take pictures all over the place.


Cancún is in a tropical zone, that’s why its weather maintains warm temperatures throughout most of the year, going from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius. The warmer months are from June to August, with temperatures going from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. For December and January, the temperatures drop a little, going from 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is expected from June to September. It is important to mention that the weather in the region is very unpredictable, and the best is to be prepared for such changes.